Tax Day

Today is Tax Day.

April 15.

It’s also the birthday of a boy.

Well, a man now.

I’ve known him since junior high (which was a LONG time ago), and never forget his birthday!

Back when I was a young tween, I actually fell off my bike because of this boy.

I had ridden my bike to the corner store to get a newspaper.

Who did I run into?  The boy.

So, of course I had to rush home and call all my friends!!

There were no cell phones back then.  There was no Facebook or other Social media!! I had to use the landline at home to share the news!

The story gets better.

As I am rushing home to tell everyone I saw the Boy and he talked to ME…..I hit a patch of sand with my bike and wipe out.  I am found unconscious in the street.  The police arrive, and an ambulance takes me to the hospital.

Stitches were needed and my blood was in the street for a week.

I still have the scar on my forehead.

A fond reminder of the Boy!

But wait.  The story doesn’t end there.

Decade later I become friends with a friend of a friend.  Who as it turns out, went to college with the brother of the Boy!

The family name makes girls swoon at the thought of all the brothers!


Happy Birthday to the Boy/Man!!!  (MG)

Wait!  Was this post supposed to be about taxes?!

I’m scheduling this post while I’m in Jamaica on a trip that my tax return paid for, does that count?!

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