Random Act Of Kindness

This was my Facebook status on Saturday:

Sitting here with tears in my eyes!  As I got my hair done today I sat and chatted with a nice lady about handbags, books, family and life.  When I went to check out, she already paid for my color and cut!!  There are kind people everywhere!

Saturday was hair day.

I met a super nice woman.  We talked about all kinds of books and authors!  I met her daughter.  She was getting her hair done too by my girl.

Both Mother and Daughter love handbags too.  They both had beautiful new Kate Spade bags!!  The daughter noticed my Speedy bag and I had to tell her it was from 1992 and older than her!

We taked and talked and I listened.  I think I must be a good listener!

When it was time for Mother and Daughter to leave, I wished them a Happy Easter.

My girl started to wash my color out and I told her what a very nice mother/daughter they were!

At the end of my appointment, I went to check out.  My girl told me that the nice woman had paid for my appointment!!!!!!!!!!!  She was bursting and knew the whole time she was finishing my hair.  I started to cry!  The receptionist was crying too.

I couldn’t help but ask.  Why??  Why did she do that?!  They said she wanted to do it because I was so NICE!  I cried even more.

The receptionist told me not to question it, but to pay it forward.

The rest of the day I couldn’t stop thinking about how kind and generous she was and how she really made my day!!!!

Any ladies reading this know how much a cut and color is.  Which makes this even more amazing!!!

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