Riu Palace Aruba Fire

If you read my blog you know I’ve been to Aruba several times.

I’ve also stayed at Riu Palace Aruba twice.

riu palace aruba fire

riu palace aruba fire march 2016

When I read the TripAdvisor Forums last week about the fire at the Riu Palace Aruba I was horror struck.

Seeing the smoke coming out of the turret in online photos I couldn’t believe it.

Then I kept reading.

I read firsthand accounts of people that were there.

They heard no fire alarms.  NOTHING!

How can that be?????????

This wasn’t a small fire.  The fire has shut down the resort.  Guests are relocated to other hotels and new guests are not being accepted.

Read that again:  NO FIRE ALARMS.

I am more than a little nervous about my upcoming trip to Montego Bay.

I have emailed my travel agent and she assured me she spoke to my hotel in Jamaica and they are up to code.

But guess what?  I bet they thought their guests at the Riu Palace Aruba would be safe………and they were not.

The good news is my hotel in Montego Bay is not a high rise and i think is only three or four stories high.  Last year I was on the first floor and will hope for that again!

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