Hello To My New Ride!!!

Two years ago my brother got a Jeep Cherokee Sport and to be honest I’ve been a little jealous ever since!

Jealous for two reasons.

One… he had a brand new ride and no worries about breaking down or car repairs.

Two… he wrote the dealership a check.  He paid cash!!  I wanted to do that some day!  He is better at saving than me, but I took some lessons! (I can still learn more too I think!!)

Last Monday it was my turn!!

There are pros and cons to everything.  But car payment VS no car payment is a no brainer!!!  (i do not mean for this blog post to be a humble brag at all, I am just so psyched I was able to accomplish this!!)

My 2016 Jeep Cherokee Sport!!!

keg jeep

keg jeep

keg jeep side view

keg jeep side view

My great sales person!

keg and jeep salesman

keg and jeep salesman

It was a good experience.

I went to the same dealership my brother used two years ago, but his salesman no longer worked there!

My guy met me almost right as I stepped out of my car on Sunday!

I had done my research and I was prepared to negotiate.

Plus I thought for sure I would do well because I was a repeat customer.

I think I did OK!!

This was the first time I went by myself too!  Yay me!

Later my brother did come to bring me the title for my Buick so I could trade it in, and to give me a ride home.

If it were up to the dealership they would’ve had me take the Jeep home on Sunday, but I worked half a day on Monday and then went to pick her up!!

It’s my first SUV!

I had gone to Buick first.  That experience was the worst of the three dealerships I visited.  I loved my Century.  The new Buicks are much, much smaller.  The prices are WAY higher.  Also, the economy must be doing well, because EVERY sales person was busy there.  They were beautiful, but too small and out of my budget.

Next I went to Subaru.  Met a very young Italian sales person.  He was great.  Drove the Outback and LOVED it!  The sales person was busy too!  Brought one of my twin brothers back to see how the leg room was in the back seat.  Both twins are over six feet tall.  Leg room was no good for him.  Still thought the sales person was awesome!

Last stop was Jeep!!

So far so good!

My brother showed me all the different settings and where everything is!

It takes a little getting used to going from a car to an SUV, but I loved turning on my windshield wipers and they worked worry free!

Here’s to many happy and safe miles!

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