Goodbye To My Buick Century

2004 buick century

2004 buick century

To be honest I got a little emotional trading in this car.

I had her for TWELVE years!!

My 2004 Buick Century.

She had 66,080 miles.

That is not a lot of miles for a twelve  year old car.

But, New England weather has rusted out her bottom.  I couldn’t ignore that the next big thing to go would be the frame.  That would be dangerous.

The past three years I haven’t been able to turn the AC or the heat past the third setting.

It feels like for the past five years the windshield wipers had a mind of their own, but my brother told me not to fix them until they stopped working completely.  They never stopped working.

The week before she left me there seemed to be a muffler/exhaust issue.  The car ran quietly for fourteen years and now it sounds like a large truck.

At the dealership where I traded her in, they wanted to go for a ride with me and check the mileage.

Guess what????

I turned the key forward and…………nothing.  No sound.  Nothing!!!!

I don’t know if it was the battery, or the electronic part of the key.

She would not start up for me.  : (

It was like she knew I was letting her go!!!

The dealer was able to get her going and they gave me a fair price.  I asked what would happen and they told me about a car auction.  I asked if they would take good care of her, and they said that they would.

I know it’s only a car, but I was attached!!!  (also, I might be misty eyed typing this post)

Thank you for all the miles and taking good care of me.

I will miss you!

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