I May Not Know Everything, But I Can Run A Store


“I may not know everything, but I can run a store”

Oh my.

I wanted to say:  That’s DEBATABLE!!!!!

I needed a new charger for the MacBook.

The Apple store closest to me is closed for renovations.  : (

The next closest store is in the mall the next town over.

The store was a zoo.

There was a line at the front of the store waiting to talk to associates with iPads making appointments.

I just wanted to buy the charger and be on my way.

So, I walked up to a woman standing closest to the chargers.  She had a headset on and was holding an iPad.

I showed her a photo of what I needed on my phone.

She grabbed a box that was twice as big as the box I needed.  There was a photo of the charger on the box.  It wasn’t the right one.

I told her: “that isn’t the right one”

She tried to tell me:  “they changed it since you bought your MacBook”

I told her:  “it’s not the right one”

Mine has a magnetic DC connector.

The one she was showing me looked like a mini version of an iPod charger.  WRONG!

She used the radio to get an associate to bring me the right charger from out back.  I asked if they could verify it was the correct one.  Nope.  That associate was the only one working out back.

Finally and excellent associate helped me make sure it was the correct charger.  I paid and escaped from the store.

The woman who gave me the wrong charger was RUNNING THE STORE.


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