Ten Inches Of Snow

On Friday we got ten inches of snow.

Snow February 5, 2016

Snow February 5, 2016

After five feet of snow last winter ten inches should be easy!  HA!

I woke up at 5am and it was still raining, but an hour later huge snow flakes were falling!

The timing meant that the morning commute would get ugly.  Schools cancelled the night before.  (while it was raining!! LOL)

It snowed all day.  My ride home from work was white knuckled and the roads really weren’t that good.

It was heavy wet snow so lots of tree branches were down all over the place and power was off in some areas.

Waking up Saturday morning it was a winter wonderland!  The snow looked so pretty!!!  Almost like the trees and lawns were covered with marshmallow fluff!

A few hours of sunshine and the snow started to fall off the trees and wires.

No fear though!!  More snow early in the week!

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