The Status Of All Things

The Status Of All Things

The Status Of All Things

The Status Of All Things is the first book I’ve read by Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke.


Kate, the main character had me from the start.  Knowing that she was going to get dumped on the eve of her wedding had me feeling so sad for her.

She gets a chance to go back and time to ‘fix’ things.

But do things really need to be fixed?  Is she really marrying the right person for the right reasons?

The reader knows right away the answer is NO!

In the end when Kate makes her choice I am cheering for her!!!

Excellent book!

From Amazon:

Kate is a thirty-five-year-old woman who is obsessed with social media. So when her fiancé, Max, breaks things off at their rehearsal dinner—to be with Kate’s close friend and coworker, no less—she goes straight to Facebook to share it with the world. But something’s changed. Suddenly, Kate’s real life starts to mirror whatever she writes in her Facebook status. With all the power at her fingertips, and heartbroken and confused over why Max left her, Kate goes back in time to rewrite their history.

Kate’s two best friends, Jules and Liam, are the only ones who know the truth. In order to convince them she’s really time traveled, Kate offers to use her Facebook status to help improve their lives. But her attempts to help them don’t go exactly as planned, and every effort to get Max back seems to only backfire, causing Kate to wonder if it’s really possible to change her fate.

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