Facebook Is Good And Bad At The Same Time

Facebook is the number one time waster to date.

I spend more time scrolling through Facebook!

Second to Facebook is Instagram.  But, that’s a different post.

Facebook is wonderful for a quick catch up to see what friends are doing.

That quick catch up ends up lasting almost two hours some nights.  (What did I do with that time BEFORE Facebook???!)

Someone posted a photo album of vacation photos?!  I LOVE photos and need to scroll through!!

A group I belong to has added more photos!  I need to see those too!

One group could have ten different albums of the same beach and lighthouse.  I love that beach and lighthouse so yes, I need to look at all of them!

There was a snowstorm last weekend.  Lots of people shared photo albums of all the snow.  I’ve seen snow before of course!  But, I needed to look through those albums too!

Top stories.  Yes!  I need to see the most popular posts of the day.

But, wait!  Did I miss any posts?!  I need to see most recent stories too!

There are a lot of posts that happen while work gets in the way and I don’t want to miss a thing!  LOL!

I’m at the hairdresser.  Do I read a magazine?  No.  I scroll through Facebook.  In line waiting for lunch?  Scrolling through Facebook.  Waiting on hold waiting for customer service?  Facebook time!

The thing I REALLY need to stop is bedtime.

Once I’m in bed for the night there can be no more Facebook.  (sorry Facebook)  The phone will end up cramped in my hand for another hour if I don’t put an end to it!

So, while I mostly love you Facebook.  I do need to draw the line at bedtime!

Good night!

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