Pain Clinic Or Otherwise Known As A Shot In The Buttocks!

My Mom had been in pain since Christmas Eve.

She was going to physical therapy after getting her left hip replaced, and they hurt her.

Her pain was on the side of her right hip replacement.  : (

She was in so much pain that she needed pain medication.  She didn’t need that after her hip surgeries.  : (

Also, she was back using her walker.  : (

The week between Christmas and New Years is hard to get an appointment.  Her surgeon was not available that week.  My Mom was able to see the surgeons ‘second in command’ who she also likes.

So my Mom got an xray the week after Christmas and that was it.  The second in command didn’t even prescribe her anything for the pain.  : (

They did let her know she needed an MRI and that she needed to make an appointment for a consult at the pain clinic.  Next available appointment was 1/25/16.  WHAT??????

The first week of January my Mom had an MRI.  Still in pain. : (

The second week of January she was finally able to see her surgeon.  He was very unhappy that my Mom was in pain and very unhappy that it had happened at physical therapy.  Finally he prescribed her something for the pain.  It helped a little bit, but she was still hurting.

It could be a pinched nerve or a hematoma.

She also had to have a CAT Scan.

Her consult for the pain clinic was also bumped to the second week of January.

Things were moving along now!

Finally on 1/20 I took my Mom to the pain clinic for a shot in her buttocks to help relieve what was pinched. (It’s in the same building as her surgeon)

ALMOST FOUR WEEKS LATER!!!  WTH.  People don’t let animals suffer that long!!!!!!!

I was happy that I had a day leftover from 2015 that I needed to use or lose.  Plus I was happy to be able to be with Mom to ask questions.

This office is part of SSH, so it’s close to home.  We are very lucky.

While we were back in the holding/prep area we saw a familiar face!  It was the pre-op nurse that had been with my Mom before BOTH of her hip surgeries at SSH.  After 23 years as a nurse at SSH she has moved over to the pain clinic building.  She is awesome!!!

My Mom got the shot and we all have our fingers crossed that this helps her to be in less pain!

She did so well after her first hip surgery a year ago.

She was doing so awesome after her second hip surgery in October.

Hated to see her in pain.

HATE her physical therapist.  Know she didn’t hurt my Mom on purpose, and after hearing what the surgeon said, know it was the physical therapist’s fault.

I remember her asking for the same physical therapists she had after her hip surgery in 2014.  I wonder if it would’ve made a difference if she had been able to have them.

: (

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