Heaven Has A New Angel

A week ago on 1/9/16 a friend of mine passed away from complications from cancer.  She was only 46 years old, and leaves behind two teenage sons.

Cancer stinks.  : (

She had been fighting this disease for almost ten years.  She ALWAYS had the best attitude.

The last time I heard from her was right before I went to Dublin.  She seemed to have been doing ok.  (I was wrong)

Then came December and she had many setbacks and she was in the hospital for most of the month.  : (

Again, with a positive attitude she was going to start physical therapy to get stronger.

Something must of gone wrong, or her body was tired from fighting, and she passed away.

I know people dislike Facebook.

But, when I woke up on Sunday 1/10/16 and saw my Facebook feed, it was full of hundreds of photos and tributes to Terri.  She had so many friends and loved ones it really was amazing.

I have so many happy memories of her, but the best one is of my last day of work in my old department fifteen years ago.  I was moving from one job to another one closer to home.

There was a huge surprise party waiting for me, but I thought it was just our small department.  She was in charge of getting me to the party!

keg and tb

keg and tb

When I found out she had passed away I went right to my photo album from that day.

RIP dear Terri.  You will be greatly missed by so many.

See you on the other side.

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