2015 Year In Review

Looking back on 2015 it was full of family time,  awesome vacation time and amazing U2 concerts!!

I feel so LUCKY to have been able to travel so much this year!!!

I went to York Beach Maine four times in 2015.  That’s a LOT of lobster!  We went in January, June, August and October.

In April I went to Montego Bay, Jamaica!

May I went to Phoenix, Arizona for a long weekend for two U2 concerts!!

November I flew to Dublin, Ireland for a longer weekend for two U2 concerts!!

Eight U2 concerts this year.  Two in Phoenix, Four in Boston and Two in Dublin!!!!!!!

I don’t think I’ve ever written a year in review, but here goes!


We went to Maine in January.  I had never been in January before.  It was for a sad reason.  Uncle Rob’s funeral.  My Mom and I went up and spent an overnight so we wouldn’t have to do the long drive in one day.

At the end of January we got TWO feet of snow.  But that was just the tip of the iceberg!


The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl!  Wahooooooo!!!

On 2/9 we got another TWO feet of snow.

Valentines day was my THIRTY year work anniversary!

BG’s (pita) BD was in February too!


March was another TWO feet of snow!  I think the snow totals for this winter were well over five feet.  We had snow removed from the roof and from the yard as a precaution.

I participated in a B&W research study.

I was also tropical dreaming.


Montego Bay, Jamaica for a week of sun and tropical drinks.

Mom’s Birthday!


Mom’s heart went into AFIB on May 4.  Her cardiologist was able to do a cardio version and Mom was stronger than ever!

May 14, the U2 tour started in Vancouver, and on May 15 The Edge fell off the stage in Vancouver.

May 19th I booked a long weekend trip to Phoenix, Arizona and left on 5/21 for two U2 concerts.  Yes, very last minute!


York Beach Maine vacation!

I don’t see many movies but I loved Jurassic World.


FOUR U2 concerts in Boston!!!!


Mom had her interview for SSH grateful patient!  She had a video, a story in the SSH newsletter and a print campaign all around the SSH.

York Beach Maine vacation!

The end of August my Mom’s heart was in AFIB again.  She had two more cardio versions.  She seems to be doing so much better now.


Mom had her sleep test and passed.

U2’s European tour started.

On 9/14 I bought tickets for the last two U2 shows in Dublin!


The Twin’s Birthday!

York Beach Maine Vacation!

Mom’s second hip surgery!  She did awesome!


Had a week off with Mom while she recovered from hip surgery!

Flew to Dublin, Ireland 11/25 – 11/30 for TWO U2 concerts and lots of being a tourist!!!!!  I missed Thanksgiving.  Mom is my cheerleader and told me to GO!!!!!


U2 Concert in Paris was aired on HBO.  Amazing!

Mom made me the best U2 Birthday cake for the birthday before the big one!

Lots of Christmas wrapping and enjoying Christmas with my family!

*****Can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!  Wishing and praying that it’s a healthy and happy year for everyone I love!!! *****

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