My Mom Is So Strong

My Mom is so strong.

I wish she didn’t have to be strong all the time.

Two months ago she had her second hip replacement and she has been doing so well.  All she was taking for the pain since she came home was extra strength tylenol.  She didn’t need any of the prescription pain medications.

She was going to her physical therapy appointments and doing very well !

Last week she told us she was having a hard time seeing out of her right eye.  Three years ago she had cataract surgery on both eyes so she was worried that something was going wrong.  She couldn’t get an appointment with the office that did the surgery on her eye until the END of January.  So she went to her regular eye doctor.  He was able to get an appointment with the surgeon before Christmas.    Turns out a membrane of some kind is growing over her eye that needs to be removed with a laser surgery.  Prayers and fingers crossed for her!!!

Something else horrible happened.  On Christmas Eve morning Mom had a physical therapy appointment.  She did very well and when she left she wasn’t in any pain.  I know, because we went out for breakfast and she was smiling and happy.

Fast forward to eight hours later Christmas Eve and she is in pain.  Now, we know Mom’s never complain about pain.  My Mom never complains about pain.  So if she is saying it hurts it really does.  We tried ice and heat.  Nothing helped.

Luckily she was able to sleep and if she sat a certain way she was ok and able to enjoy Christmas Day.

Christmas day was a very good day!  But, I could tell she was still hurting.  Another sign was that she was taking her prescription pain medications.  The ones she didn’t need after TWO hip surgeries.  : (

Saying lots of prayers that her doctors will be able to help take away her pain ASAP!!

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