Amazing Tour Driver!!



I really am so lucky!!  Yes, and a little spoiled!

Before I left for Dublin I had emailed the Shelbourne Hotel.  They arranged a tour driver for Friday and Sunday for me!  They said to let them know when and where I wanted to go and they would arrange it!  THEY ROCKED!!!!!

On Friday 11/27/15 I was in the lobby about ten minutes early to meet my driver!  I knew who he was before he found me.  Maybe because of his big smile I knew it had to be him!  His name is Tony and we became fast friends!

We spent five hours together on Friday, and six hours on Sunday!

I had a checklist of so many things that I wanted to see and he used his Google machine (his words!  LOL!) to find locations and get directions!!

He shared so many points of interest I had to take notes!

Being together all that time we shared personal stories too.  I felt like I could talk to him forever!

He’s one of the nicest, smartest and kindest person I’ve met on any trip EVER!!!!!!!

Tony also took me to the U2 concerts both nights!!

The first night he left his car on the curb, held me by my arm and walked me across the street to the 3Arena!  What a gentlemen!  After the show, it was if by luck that just as I was crossing the street there he was!!

After both shows he asked how I enjoyed myself.  I don’t think he laughed at me while I was post show excited and just so HAPPY!!!!!!  I bet I was screaming as I gave my reviews!

He took care of me the entire time we were together!

We exchanged email addresses and we’ve emailed a few times since I came home!

Tony does all different types of tours.  Even driving people around the country.  I don’t really like the phrase “Bucket List” but I think that would be a bucket list type of vacation!  If I was lucky enough I would LOVE to have Tony be my driver!!!  Dreaming is free right?!  : )

He even took lots of photos for me!



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