Birthday Card For The Hot Electrician

bd card

bd card

The week before my Dublin trip it felt like everything that could go wrong DID go wrong.

Mom said that it was God’s way of keeping my mind off of worrying about traveling.

Our internet stopped working at home.  It came back, but then the wi-fi didn’t work.  Then that got fixed.  One morning every possible warning light in my car came on.  Then my charm bracelet broke.  It isn’t easy to find a jeweler in house these days to do repairs.

THEN the Saturday night before my trip I turned on the kitchen light and heard a buzzing noise.  I thought maybe it was those horrible energy efficient lightbulbs getting ready to burn out.  NOPE!!  It was the light switch making a ZZzzzzzzpt noise.  Not good.

Our electrician told us to shut off the switch and he’d be out Sunday morning.

Sunday morning at 8am he showed up.  Now, I maybe wasn’t here the last time he was here adding outside plugs.  So when I opened the door I was happily surprised to find a VERY handsome electrician!!!!!

Oh hello!!!!!

Not only was he handsome but he was funny!

After he fixed the switch, I asked if I could make sure I didn’t hear the noise anymore!

So we were all silent for a minute and I turned on the switch.  I was listening at the wall and all of a sudden I heard ZZzzzzzzpt!!!!!!!!!

I turn around and the handsome electrician is making the noise!!!!

OMG!!!!  LOL!!!

So of course we got his whole life story in the time he was there and found out his birthday was at the end of December!

We are sending off this card!

Hope he finds it funny!

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