Mom’s Left Hip Replacement

Mom's Elsa Balloons

Mom’s Elsa Balloons

On Monday (10/26) my Mom was scheduled to get her left hip replaced.  She had the other one done last year same time.

We had to be at the hospital at 5:45am.  Good thing it is so close!

Everyone in pre-op was excellent.

They took her right back to the pre-op area(I got to go with her) to start an IV, take some blood and ask about her medications.

Last year her surgeon had called the night before to check in with her and to let her know to get a good sleep.  He didn’t call this year, but I told her there had to be a reason why, like maybe he was helping someone in an emergency!

My Mom asked the nurse if her surgeon was there yet (this was at about 6:30am LOL) and she said he would be there at about 7:15am to start!  About five minutes later he was there checking in on my Mom and telling her he was on-call  the night before.  She was so cute asking if he got a good night sleep and if he had breakfast!

She was so happy to see her surgeon!  He signed her hip so everyone knew which side they would be doing!

Then something awesome happened!  Some of the nurses remembered my Mom from last year and they brought her in the Elsa balloons!!!  She loved them and was so excited and happy!!!!

Two hours later she was done and doing great!

I was with her until about 8:30 Monday night.

She looks good, isn’t having any pain, has been up a little walking and has been able to eat too!

She is looking forward to physical therapy on Tuesday!

The sooner she is up and moving with a walker the sooner they will let her come home!

I am amazed at how strong my Mom is!!

All the nurses kept saying how great she is doing at moving around and recovering.

I’m thinking she is an easy patient too!

She doesn’t complain and has only been given extra strength tylenol.

I love you Mom!

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