Maine Treats

There is a yummy Italian bakery near Short Sands in York, Maine that we try to visit as many times as we can!

Rossi’s.  This place is so GOOD!!!!

Just walking in you want one of everything!!!

Below are Pumpkin whoopie pies, YUMMY chocolate cake, carrot cake and I think those are called black and whites.  I had one and OMG so good!!!

rossi's bakery

rossi’s bakery

We were at lunch and our waitress told us about a chocolate covered cookie she thought my Mom would like!  So of course both visits I got my Mom two!  We even brought a cookie back to our waitress!  : )

Their chocolate cannoli are very yummy too!!!

rossi's treats

rossi’s treats

There is an ice cream store across the street from the bakery that sells Del’s Lemonade!  I LOVE this lemonade.  Their truck comes to visit at work over the summer.  But, I can’t find the lemonade anywhere close to me!

So every visit to York, I try to make sure to grab a lemonade!

My Del’s with a view!

del's lemonade with a view

del’s lemonade with a view


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