It’s A Small World

The world is a smaller place now I think with technology.

With Social Media sites like Facebook, you can see what “friends” you might have in common with your friends.  OH!  If you are lucky Facebook will suggest “friends: for you!

Someone that you haven’t thought of in years is randomly brought up out of the blue in conversation.

Someone else knows the friend of a friend.

Sentences that begin with “guess who I saw” or “guess who I talked to” fill me with dread!

I miss certain people.

But, so much time has passed that it’s not possible to reconnect.

I’d rather keep the memories I have happy.

I do not want to act like things are fine, when they aren’t.

I just want peace and no drama.

So, when someone texts and says we should get together to catch up, my first instinct is to ask:  Why?

But, instead I don’t reply.

I wish them all the happiness!

I just can’t be part of it.

People who I thought were my best friends were absent when I needed them.

For me, there is no coming back from that kind of disappointment.

Why does it still hurt though?

I can go for months without thinking about it and a little thing brings it back.

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