Notebook From My Younger Days

The Notebook

The Notebook

This is a notebook from my late teens and early twenties.

Every time I clean out older items this notebook somehow survives and doesn’t get tossed.

Some day though it won’t survive.  So I’ve decided to save/share some of my memories here.

Maybe over a few posts.

It’s interesting to read.  The happy, fun and exciting things.  The things that made me sad and broke my heart.  The silly things I wrote down at the time!


**New Years Day 1/1/87 The selfish, self centered quote from L to G

**When moving a warehouse from one location to another during strict time constraints “Whose Inventory Is It Anyway?!”


**Gene Loves Jezebel concert.  Hairspray, lipstick and Paco.  (I never use hairspray, lipstick and I don’t know anyone named Pack, so I’m not sure why I wrote that?!  LOL!)

**On a commute home one afternoon we (L and me) put paper bags over our heads with holes cut out for eyes and mouths with faces drawn on them.  We passed two caravans, ten cars and a truck and called ourselves “unknown drivers”  (I am laughing reading this because I don’t know what we are thinking!!)


Someone (mm) actually said this to me.  Were they right at the time?  Did I tell them to go to hell?

**”A little soul searching, self direction and reduction of anger at the world would go a long way.”

**Spur of the moment road trips to North Adams and Williamstown.  One journey three of us decided to leave from my house and because the other two didn’t have basic necessities it was decided that we could only travel with beer.  (Seemed to work at the time!  Now I am horror struck at this!)


**New Years day Boston to Bahamas with Jim for a week of rum in the sun.  The best week of my life!  (yes, I wrote the best week of my life.  LOL, LOL)

More to follow!

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