I’m Going To Dublin!!!

When U2 announced their Ireland dates I knew there would be little to no chance of getting tickets.

U2.com sent out this email and kept me thinking:  should I try???

They DID say:  Don’t miss it……….

dublin onsale

dublin onsale


The pre-sales were last week and those tickets went quickly.

The seating capacity for the 3Arena in Dublin is pretty small and there are only four shows.

I had already used my pre-sale code back in December of 2015, so if I was going to try for tickets it was going to be during the public on sale Monday morning at 9am Dublin time.

That means 4am EST!!!  LOL!

So, I read all the tips and tricks for the best chance to get tickets.

Set my alarm for 3:35am!  (LOL!!!)

335 alarm set for u2

335 alarm set for u2

I turned on the laptop and desktop and waited.

I had one browser open on each computer for the Friday and Saturday Dublin dates!!!

u2 4am onsale!

u2 4am onsale!

At 4:00am I did the search for tickets and waited in digital line!!  Watching the screens spin!

At 4:04am I got an email letting me know I was going to the 11/27 show!!!

Then at 4:22am I got a second email letting me know I was going to the 11/28 show!!!!



So, I could go back to sleep at 4:30am for two hours right?!

HA!  I was too excited to sleep!!

Monday night I went to my travel agent to book my trip.

Yes, I know I could do it myself, but I’m old fashioned and have been using the same travel agent for 20+ years!

Have been reading other fans stories about how they were able to get tickets and the emotions that come with waiting for the on sale.  This story made me laugh:


It’s been fourteen years since my last visit to Dublin!

Feeling very lucky and happy!!!!

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