U2, September 18, 1987

U2, September 18, 1987 at the original Boston Garden!!

u2 september 18, 1987 boston garden

u2 september 18, 1987 boston garden

Why oh why did they rip ticket stubs back then?!

Why did I let them!!?

Look at the price of the ticket!!  $19.00!!!  LOL

In my old time scrapbook I have written:  4 days before Sullivan U2 at Boston Garden with AnnMarie (a girl I used to work with) on the floor!!  Way to go boys!  It was Out of Control !

(because yes, even back then I was trying to go to multiple shows!!!)

The setlist borrowed from Atu2:

Tour: Joshua Tree 3rd Leg (North America)
Venue: Boston Garden
Location: Boston, MA United States
See more concerts in the Boston area.

Attendance: 15,509 (Capacity: 15,509)
Opening Acts(s):
Mason Ruffner

Main Set
Where The Streets Have No Name
I Will Follow
Trip Through Your Wires
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
The Unforgettable Fire
Bullet The Blue Sky
Running To Stand Still
Sunday Bloody Sunday
In God’s Country
Helter Skelter
New Year’s Day
One Tree Hill
With Or Without You
Spanish Eyes, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (snippet)
Out Of Control
40, Hallelujah (traditional) (snippet)


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3 Responses to U2, September 18, 1987

  1. Unbelievable setlist! Sadly I wasn’t old enough to see them at this period but have seen U2 on the 360 tour and consider it the best concert I have ever been to. Can’t wait to see them at Wembley next month.

    • crush-monkey says:

      Yes, I’m OLD! LOL!
      Have you been following along on all my old ticket stubs?
      Loved the 360 tour too!
      Just bought tix for the last two Dublin shows this morning!
      Hope you enjoy your London show next month!

      • Haha you’re not old, you’re just fortunate to have been old enough to see them a lot! Oh sweet! Cheers, hope you enjoy yours too. No that’s the first one I have seen.

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