U2, May 2, 1987

It’s 1987 and it’s the Joshua Tree tour!

Can’t believe all the shows I went to in Worcester.  It’s a hike!

I went to this show with five friends.  (one who sits behind me at work and doesn’t remember going!  hmmmph!  LOL)  I wonder if I took my Mom’s station wagon? LOL!

U2 May 2, 1987

U2 May 2, 1987

Tickets bumped up to $16.50.  LOL!!!

A little from the review I have saved:

U2: Fervent Prose At Fever Pitch (written by clea simon)

“We’re not the Beatles, we’re U2” was how singer Bono Vox quieted one screaming fan on the first night of three sold out shows where the excitement level approached hysteria.  Certainly his band has reached nearly the same level of adoration as the British Invasion heroes- with a number one record and the cover story of Time magazine.  But as the singer said and as their powerful concert at the Worcester Centrum proved, U2 isn’t content with pop star status.

Another review I have saved:

Rockers U2 Discover An Adoring Audience In Worcester

From the last paragraph:

After about four songs the crowd grown rowdy, Bono told the audience just what it wanted to hear:  “Boston is a home away from home…and it doesn’t end there, this is just the beginning.”

***KEG notes.  Joshua Tree tour!!!  OMG!

Set list borrowed from AtU2:

Main Set

  1. Where The Streets Have No Name
  2. I Will Follow
  3. Trip Through Your Wires
  4. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
  5. MLK
  6. The Unforgettable Fire
  7. Bullet The Blue Sky
  8. Running To Stand Still
  9. Exit, Gloria (Van Morrison) (snippet)
  10. In God’s Country
  11. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  12. Bad, Ruby Tuesday (snippet), Sympathy For The Devil (snippet)
  13. October
  14. The Ballad Of Springhill
  15. New Year’s Day
  16. Pride


  1. With Or Without You, Love Will Tear Us Apart (snippet)
  2. Gloria
  3. 40
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