Out With The Old

handbag donations

handbag donations

This may the first post of it’s kind for me!

I hold on to handbags for a long time and don’t toss them unless they are really damaged.

These handmade handbags are almost ten years old.

A woman I used to work with sold them from her cube.

When I would have a bad day, I would buy a bag.

As you can see I had a few bad days!  LOL!

I’m actually keeping three! (not pictured)  They are for tropical vacation destinations and I know I’ll use them at least once a year.

These bags have had a good life.

Will be donating them for the fabric at a local school.

Still feel sad to let them go, but need to have space for the bags I’m currently using.

When I showed my Mom these photo she said ‘You haven’t bought a bag in a long time, maybe you should?!!’  (is two or three months a long time?  LOL)

I should’ve taken a photo of all the handbags out of my closet and counted them as I put them away!!!

I don’t think she would suggest I buy any more bags!  LOL!!

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