When People Forget You!

Imagine someone you spent a lot of time with not remembering you?!


I work with a woman who must’ve blocked a few years out of her memory.

Back in the late 1980’s we were friendly co-workers.

There were dinners, parties, concerts and she even visited a house that I rented with a group of friends on Cape Cod.

Back in the day a concert venue sold summer packages.  I think it was a concert every other week.  All bands from the 1980’s at Great Woods.

I didn’t have a credit card and the other two friends that wanted to package didn’t either.

This girl had a credit card and she bought the packages for us.  I paid her back as soon as the tickets arrived.

She has ZERO memory of this!  LOL

At first this bothered me!!!!

But, I realized that life goes on and people focus their brains in other areas.

The things that our brains remember are funny sometimes aren’t they?!

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