Two Visits To Foxes!

This visit we went to Foxes twice!

foxes yellow flowers

foxes yellow flowers

It’s one of our favorite places!



The food is always excellent and the service is usually excellent too!

keg and joe

keg and joe

The first lunch, the service was like it always is…..perfect.  It’s August, so it’s busy and our waitress hustled and did an excellent job!

rob and mom

rob and mom

The views are beautiful !

foxes sign with nubble

The twins had the scallop/clam combo, my Mom had fish and chips and I had the boiled lobster!

boiled lobster

Delish lobster!!

The second day we visited it was also very busy.  We got a waitress I had never seen before.  Warning signs should’ve gone off then.

The food was excellent as always!

My Mom had the lobster salad!

lobster salad

lobster salad

I went with lazymans lobster!

lazymans lobster

lazymans lobster

The twins and Mom love the steamers.  They raved about how good they were!


But…..The waitress was horrible.  Drinks took almost 25 minutes.  The bread came out after the entrees.  The corn on the cob wasn’t served with butter.  I always ask for extra lemon with my lobster and didn’t get it until I was finishing my meal.

I wanted to say something, but I wasn’t sure if the horrible waitress was related to any of the owners.  I hope she isn’t because they all work extremely hard!

As we were leaving the girl behind the hostess desk asked if she would see us again during our stay…….

They did not see us again after that.

We will be going back to Maine in October and will try again.  But, if I see horrible waitress I will make sure she won’t be serving us again.

One bad experience out of years of visits isn’t bad though!!

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