Final Thoughts On Four Nights Of U2 In Boston!

u2 july 10. 2015 boston

u2 july 10. 2015 boston

Ok, so these are some rambling thoughts after seeing U2 four nights over six days in Boston!

I am SO glad I got tickets to all four shows!!!!!!!

Each show was amazing!  I loved every minute of each show!!!!

The sounds and the sights of each night…..just over the top!!!!!

Usually I put shows in order of how I enjoyed them, but all of these were amazing!  With night four we got Volcano and I REALLY wanted to hear that live!!!  So I guess I would have to grade night four about the others.  LOL!!!

Now on to some observations / thoughts!

Each night I was lucky enough to have seats in the lower loge sections!  The people around me each night were pretty cool.

Night one, my seats were VERY close on Adam’s side and the men (who had been drinking) were tapping  me on the arm and just pointing at how close the band was to our seats!  LOL!!!

Night two, I went with my brother Joe.  The people on the other side of me had never been to a U2 show before.  I mentioned I was going to all four Boston shows and had been to Phoenix for two shows and they asked me if i had a trust fund.  HA!!!!!!!  I had to explain that U2 were my favorite band and pretty much the only band I see in concert these days!

Night three I was two rows up from the REd Zone.  The people up against the wall stood motionless for most of the show.  They had their arms crossed and kept checking their phones.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Who WERE those people in their Gucci loafers???!

The people to my left on night three were a married couple in their thirties if I had to guess.  They did not have fun at all and acted like they were dragged to the show.  I didn’t know what was going on with them, but I was happy when they left at intermission.  WHO DOES THAT?????

The people to my right on night three were AWESOME!!  They were from the San Francisco area and celebrating the wife’s birthday on vacation.  They were mega fans and their daughter worked for Live Nation.  She had arranged for her parents to get tour merchandise for free!!  How cool is that?!  They both had bags of different tee shirts, hoodies, hats and programs.  This is the really nice part……..they offered me a program because they got two!  (I had already bought one at an earlier show but said thank you anyway!!)

The person behind me on night three was SO excited when he got to his seat!  He couldn’t get over how close and kept exclaiming how amazing the seats were.  He came from Chicago to see U2 in another venue! Turns out on night four he was four rows in front of me and he was just as happy to be there!

Night four I had a couple from overseas next to me.  They were the BEST!!!  Both of them were fans and SO into the show!!!!!!  I told them there was going to be a SHORT intermission and they’d know it because of a Johnny Cash song/video would be played.  **BUT** U2 mixed it up on me and the intermission became The FLY!!!!

There was one point during one of the shows when I thought Bono was going to tell the people in GA to put their phones away.  He was talking about rock stars that had lost their mothers and how there must be a list you could Google.  I **think** he was going to say that any of the peeps in GA could Google it right now since they were all looking at their phones, but instead Bono stopped himself and said he didn’t want to be crass.

Hey, I did use my iPhone and my camera but there were long times through the shows when I was just ***in the moment*** and enjoying the music!

I did see people using Facetime at the concerts to share with people at home that could’t be there and I thought that was awesome!

The people and the crowds at the shows all four nights were 99% awesome!!!

Leaving the shows everyone was so polite.  The crowd was huge and it took a little time to exit but everyone was still smiling and singing!

I have to say I am completely SPOILED!!!!  For four nights I was picked up at 5:45 and brought into the TD Garden and then picked up after the show out front and brought home by the same car service I use for the airport!  (hey parking was $45 dollars so what’s a little more to not have to deal with HORRIBLE Boston traffic??!!!)  Such an easy and non stressful way to go!!!

Did I mention how grateful and lucky I am to have been able to go to all four shows!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m getting older, so not sure how much longer I can keep this up!

I’m hoping that U2 return in 2016 with another leg of their tour!!!

Robert Kraft and Bono wearing Patriots Super Bowl ring!

Robert Kraft and Bono wearing Patriots Super Bowl ring!

Saw this photo on the Patriots Instagram.  It’s Bono wearing the Patriots Super Bowl ring with Robert Kraft and his son!!!!!

Here’s hoping that Robert Kraft asked Bono to return in 2016 to Gillette Stadium!


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