A Little Visitor!

I wish I had my iPhone with me outside this week!

After the baby robins flew away I was sitting outside and noticed one on the back fence!

I walked slowly to the fence and he didn’t fly away.

Then I put my finger on the fence in front of him and he still didn’t move!  The baby robin looked so tired.  I reached out to see if he would let me touch him and he did!!!

Everyone else was inside and I didn’t want to shout that we had a visitor, but I wanted them to see that one came back!

I took a stick/broken tree branch and held it out to the baby robin.  He hopped right on!


Then I started to walk slowly and made it to the patio before the adult robins started calling for the baby bird.

My visitor made a little noise and then tried to fly away.  Well, he flew a little bit and then hopped away through the back fence.

I wonder if he will recognize me next visit?!

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