Baby Robin Update, Fly Away!

baby robins getting bigger, all four

baby robins getting bigger, all four

Over the weekend Momma robin stopped spending the night on the nest with the baby robins.  With the four of them there wasn’t enough room for her to stay.

She returned first thing Sunday morning though to feed them and she continued to feed them all day!

We knew it was going to be time for them to fly away soon!

On Monday 6/8 two of the baby robins flew off together.  I was a little sad, but happy that they went together at least!

The two baby robins that were left looked like they were getting ready to go too, or they were waiting for Momma robin to return and feed them!

two baby robins on the edge

two baby robins on the edge

Momma bird did feed them all day Monday and up to about 7:30pm she was still flying back and forth with bugs for these guys.

They had lots of room Monday night with just the two of them!

I said night night to them and a little goodbye just in case they flew away before I woke up Tuesday morning!

two baby robins barely fit now

two baby robins barely fit now

Tuesday morning when I went to work they were still in the nest and Momma robin was brining them breakfast!

down to one baby robin

down to one baby robin

Then I got the text from my brother that one had just left and the last one was about to fly away too!  My brother said they took off like 747s.  They hopped over to the Red Sox flag pole and bounced off and into the trees.

empty robins nest

empty robins nest

The empty nest.  Awwwww!  How do these little guys know not to come back to the nest???!

Tuesday night when we came home from dinner I saw an adult robin and a little one hopping across the street into a neighbors yard.  STAY OUT OF THE STREET!!!!!!!!!

I loved watching the progress of this little robin family!  We haven’t had a success story in a long time.

Will be looking to see if they visit our yard looking for worms and bugs!

Be safe little robin family!


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6 Responses to Baby Robin Update, Fly Away!

  1. Ramona Ivan says:

    WHAT a sweet post!!!!

  2. Barbara says:

    Awwww. Bittersweet ending. I wonder if families stay together once they leave the nest. There’s no reason why they wouldn’t, except that in order to keep the species strong they should branch out (pardon the pun) and mate with non-family members.

  3. Barbara says:

    Since nobody disturbed the nest and the birds were safe, I bet your hanging basket will host another family next year.maybe even one of these guys.

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