Some Last Thoughts On Phoenix Weekend

It’s hard to believe I’ve been home a week from Phoenix.

Some last thoughts on that weekend!

-Phoenix is a beautiful city in the desert and if I ever got a chance to go back I SO would!!!

-Flying isn’t fun anymore.  BUT, the Phoenix airport deserves a gold star!  Curb to gate in under ten minutes!  They didn’t make me take off my shoes!  The mobile boarding pass on my iPhone helped I’m sure, but the airport was very organized!!

-Hotel Palomar Phoenix comfy hotel room make long flights worth it!

-The cost of things seem lower in Phoenix.  Concert parking was $20, that would’ve been $40 at home!  I got a deal on my hotel room because I was attending a concert across the street.  If that was at home the price would’ve been jacked up!  Car service from hotel to airport was $25!!!  It’s three times that much at home!

-I LOVE U2 more and more each time I see them live!

-People are so nice on vacation!  I met Marsha and her husband at my hotel.  They had flown in from California to go to the U2 show with their grandson!  How cool is that?!  Here they are at the show!

Marsha U2

Marsha U2

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3 Responses to Some Last Thoughts On Phoenix Weekend

  1. lifeamongtheflowers says:

    That’s so awesome!! & great prices. I’m glad you had fun & enjoyed your vacation.

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