Strong Heart!

mom cardioversion

mom cardioversion

My Mom’s cardioversion was Tuesday morning.

We needed to be at the hospital at 7:30am, an hour before the procedure was scheduled.

Got Mom checked in and only needed to wait a few minutes before they took her back to where they would do the cardioversion.

A few minutes later I was allowed back to sit with her before they got started.

She was so calm and relaxed!  (Mom is so tough!)

She had a great team of people helping her!  Two nurses, an anesthesiologist and his nurse, someone we met last Monday that did ultrasounds and of course the cardiologist.

At about 8:45 they asked me to go back to the waiting area, and they said they’d come get me once she was all done.

They were done by 9:15 and when I got back to see Mom she was wide awake and giving me the thumbs up!  The cardioversion worked and her heart rhythm has returned to normal.

They kept an eye on her to make sure she was doing well and about an hour later I was able to take her home!

Her cardiologist really is awesome!  He took the time to answer all my Mom’s questions before the procedure, and kept her relaxed afterwards too!

She was hungry and thirsty so that was a very good sign!

Since she was doing so well, I went into work for the afternoon.  Better to save half a day for another time Mom might need me!

Feeling very grateful !

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