Not Today, Not Her Time

Not Today, not her time

That’s all I kept thinking when I left work at 9am on Monday to go to the hospital.

Not today, not her time.

My Mom was supposed to get a cortisone shot today on her left leg to help with the pain while she waits to schedule that hip replacement.  My brother Joe went with her.  The appointment was at 745am.

At 8:55am I got a text and a follow-up phone call letting me know that my Mom’s blood pressure was sky high and her heart was erratic or what they call afib.

Since I’m scared, sad and worried while typing this I think I need to ask:  If her appointment was the first of the day at 7:45am WHY were they just getting to her at 8:45 a full hour later??!!!!!

That’s part of what’s wrong with health care in America!!!!!

They took her by ambulance to the emergency room.

I got there six minutes after her at about 9:20m and she was on a stretcher in the hallway hooked up to a monitor.

I asked my other brother to text/call pita so he would know what was going on and pita was there in what seemed like seconds.

Luckily he took my brother Joe home after they talked to my Mom.

The morning nurse was AMAZING!  She took wonderful care of my Mom. Gave her the medication to try to get her BP down and her heart rate back to normal.  She was with us every step of the way letting us know what would happen next as far as tests.

My Mom was taken for an xray, then she had her legs checked for blood clots and she had her heart checked also.

There was lots of waiting time.

Finally at about 4:30 the cardiologist comes down and lets us know he’s read all of her tests and talks about what they need to do today to get her heart better.

They are going to start with medication.  Friday she goes to see her cardiologist to see how she is doing/feeling.

Eventually she will need to have a cardioversion like my brother did in 2014.  But, because we don’t know how long she’s been in afib they need to be careful about blood clots.

They let her come home and didn’t make her stay overnight. (phew!!!)

She had no warning signs.  No pain or discomfort.  She was fine at the appointment to get her cortisone shot and she was fine in the hospital.

Mom has a high tolerance for pain so sometimes I worry if she’s hurting and won’t say anything or want to complain.

I know her leg has been bothering her, that’s why she was going for that shot.  So, now she still has leg pain since they didn’t take care of that!

Not today, not her time.

Prayers for my Mom this week.

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2 Responses to Not Today, Not Her Time

  1. jaelach says:

    So scary! I’m glad everything was okay.

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