Bad Customer Service / No Service

Yesterday I wrote about our Excellent customer service.

Luckily, the bad customer service list is a lot shorter!

1.  Grocery Store.  UGH!  Everyone in the store is excellent until you get up front to the checkout.  Every week the bagger leaves his post no matter what time we get to the line.  This past weekend I went to a different store!  Take that bad customer service!

2.  USPS.  Too many to count wrong deliveries.

3.  Fedex.  Overnight delivery missed.  Received box the next day.  Fail !

4.  Snowblower.  Belt falls off during blizzards.  Boo!

No service……

These are the people we couldn’t get any service from!

1.  Primary Landscaping Company that does our lawn service monthly Spring, Summer and Fall.  They wouldn’t come out and help with snow removal when our snow blower broke.

2.  Handyman that does our windows and gutters wouldn’t make time to plow us out either.


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