Excellent Customer Service!

This Winter we had some excellent customer service,  bad customer service and lack of service.

I’m going to start with the places and people that provided excellent customer service!!!!

1.  Hair Salon.  I took my Mom to my new hair salon.  She had an excellent experience (the owner did her hair) and she even received a new client discount!!

2.  Oil Company.  We had five feet of snow and they still delivered on time!

3.  Tanning Salon.  Wonderful place and staff.  I only visit for one month a year but they still know my voice on the phone!

4.  Roof Snow Removal.  They removed five feet of snow drifts from our roof.  Quick and professional service!

5.  Yard Snow Removal.  These guys were awesome.  We had nine truckloads of snow removed from our front yard.  They showed up when they said they would and were hard working and professional.

6.  Mailorder prescription service.  My Mom had me add this one.  Live customer service person on the phone and from the USA.

7.  Housecleaner.  OMG can’t say enough good things.  These ladies are a godsend!

8.  Catholic Priest.  Delivered Communion to my Mom this Winter when we wouldn’t let her out in the ice and snow with her new hip.

9.  Kate Spade.  Wonderful in store experience!  LOVE!

10.  Pizza Delivery.  At work during snow days with five feet of snow on the ground these guys were excellent!

11.  Garage tire replacement.  Same day service under thirty minutes.

12.  Roofing Company.  Roof is four years old and withstood recording breaking snow this winter!

It’s good to know that there is LOTS of excellent customer service out there!

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