Mansur Gavriel Tote

This tote was so hard to find!

More than six months ago I saw the black tote with the red interior.  It was pretty!  Did a little research and found the website and saw that the black tote also came with a marina blue interior.  I was in LOVE!!!!!

mansur gavriel black and marina

mansur gavriel black and marina

So, for six months I’ve been looking for this tote.  They were sold out.  Not available.

Last weekend an online store had the black/red combo available.  I almost ordered it, but stopped myself because I really wanted the blue combo!

Then this week the website was going to be restocked.  During the middle of the day, so there was no way I could buy online knowing they sell out quickly. (they did sell out in under an hour)

Wednesday night on Instagram I saw a post by a store that carries MG bags.  Their stock of bags had come in and after the pre-orders were filled they had a limited supply for sale.  So I called California and they had the bag I wanted!!

COC California

COC California

The customer service at Creatures of Comfort is OUTSTANDING!!!  They texted me photos of the bag and packaged it up to be sent out Thursday for Fedex overnight delivery!  (and they included a very nice note!)

I waited all day and night on Friday for the bag to show up.  It didn’t.  Booooo FedEx.  (post from yesterday)

Well on Saturday morning when I woke up the FedEx tracking said my bag had finally arrived in Boston.  Yay!  I called Customer Service and was told Friday delivery is not the same as weekend delivery.  I politely asked to speak to a supervisor and let them know that delivery was missed on Friday and could they please deliver the bag on Saturday.

The supervisor called the sorting facility, the sorting facility called me to let me know the box was on a truck and that I would have it before end of day!  On a Saturday!!  : )

See!  Squeaky wheel gets the oil.  OR squeaky wheel gets the tote she’s been waiting on for six months!!


Mansur Gavriel Tote Happy Girl Happy Bag

Mansur Gavriel Tote
Happy Girl Happy Bag

LOVE the interior color!!!!!

mansure gavriel interior

mansure gavriel interior

I LOVE this tote!!!!

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7 Responses to Mansur Gavriel Tote

  1. Oh wow!!!! that’s a lovely tote bag!!!! I can’t wait to get my MG bucket bag ><

  2. akua says:

    I ordered a bucket bag and I’m impatiently awaiting its arrival!

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