Lunch Time In The Snow

So, today at lunch I took my life into my own hands.

How you ask?

It’s been fifteen days since I’ve visited my favorite sub shop. Small meatball sub with extra melted cheese is always yummy.

With five feet of snow on the ground I knew the parking lot would be messy.

Then, to make matters worse I knew there would be HUGE snow mounds blocking my way of being able to pull back out on the main road without getting hit by another car.

Today I got a craving though, and I had to venture out.

So much can change in fifteen days. I didn’t know either girl working at the register. They didn’t know who I was either.

The parking was a mess!

Leaving… I had to cross a small street, cut through a gas station (bad I know) to get to a street that let out onto the main road with a traffic light.

Luckily the sub was VERY YUMMY!!

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