Snow White Rage

Yes, I know that this too shall pass.

It’s just winter.  With ANOTHER foot of snow coming this weekend!  Booo!

Driving to work is dangerous.  Pulling out of side streets it is difficult to see because of the huge snow mounds.

Side roads are not cleared 100% and with more snow coming that can’t be good!

Some roads that are normally two way are only wide enough for one car to pass at a time.

Roads that usually have two lanes are down to one so there is more traffic delays.

On the way to work I’ve been driving 25mph whenever I can except for on the main route 3A.  People can’t pull out of their driveways or side streets because they can’t see, so whenever I see someone trying to get out I slow down.

Went to dinner tonight with one of my brothers and he drove.  What usually takes fifteen minutes took thirty minutes.  Too many cars, and not enough lanes.  The restaurant was missing about twenty parking spaces because of all the snow.

Tomorrow is Friday!  VERY happy!!!!

It’s a long weekend!!  Wahoooooooooooooooooooo!

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