-Why do short weeks feel so long?

-Why does it look like we are getting another foot of snow on top of the two feet we already have?

-Why do I think about sleep all day, but when it’s time for sleep I’m wide awake?

-Why are some people I must deal with so nasty?

-Why am I feeling cranky today?

-Why can’t every week be a four day work week?

-Why am I getting s*cked into the TV show Scandal?

-Why did Julian Edelman allow himself to be photographed with some skankawhore who in turn shared the photo on the internet?!  (WTH?!)

-Why is the heat on 72?  I know it’s cold out, but I’m in a short sleeved tee!  Too hot!!!

-Why am I cranky??!!

Must be winter blahs!!!

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2 Responses to Why?

  1. you must be really cranky – I think I am relieved to be on another continent!

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