Super Bowl XLIX

Oh My!!!

Watching a Super Bowl is very, very stressful!!

Can’t imagine the stress of the players!!

If the Seahawks played like they did against Green Bay two weeks ago(lots of back and forth interceptions) I thought that we would have had an easy win.  LOL!

What did I know?!

Tom Brady threw two interceptions!  Ugggggggggggggggh!

We were all keeping the faith.  FOCUS!  DEFENSE!  FOCUS!

I couldn’t understand why the Seahawks quarterback was running around himself and not getting slammed by our defense.  He is FAST!

The score going into the fourth quarter was not pretty!  I kept making sure we had done all the things we had done for the last playoff games!  Not wanting to break tradition!

patriots super bowl cupcakes

patriots super bowl cupcakes

I hadn’t eaten a Patriot’s Cupcake yet!!!  So, I grabbed one.  It was sooooo yummy!

The Patriots scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter!!  Wooooohoooooooo!

But, it was still a wicked close game.  Patriots 28-24 Seahawks.

It was under two minutes and the Seahawks looked like they were going to score.  Crazy things were happening.  A ball that looked like it should’ve been dropped was actually caught.

It was ugly.

The Seahawks were so close and about to score.  Then for some reason they threw the ball at the one yard line.  I closed my eyes.  My brothers were screaming!  The Patriots intercepted and the game was over!!!!!!!!!

malcom butler interception

malcom butler interception

I didn’t know who Malcom Butler was before last night.  But, today I watched ESPN and NFL Network for several hours (snow day!) and never get tired of seeing his interception!!!!!!!

AMAZING!!!!!  The reactions are priceless too!!!  : )

Tom Brady was the Super Bowl MVP!

tb mvp

tb mvp

The Brady’s celebrate!

The Brady's Celebrate

The Brady’s Celebrate

Patriots Nation has another Lombardi Trophy!

super bowl XLIX champs

super bowl XLIX champs

Malcom Butler and Julian Edelman went to Disneyland!!

malcom butler and julian edelman

malcom butler and julian edelman



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