Dear Co-Worker….

Dear Co-Worker,

I can tolerate you when you have loud personal conversations with one another and on the phone.

I can also tolerate you when you have loud work related conversations, even though you may or may not have an office with a door to close.

You break the copier machine and walk away like it wasn’t you. I can deal with that.

Leaving dishes in the sink, I can ignore that.

Not closing the refrigerator doors? I can push them shut for you. I know you are VERY busy!

Not saying good morning to me? no problem!

Eating your cereal and banging your spoon for 15 minutes. No worries!

Not washing your hands in the ladies room? ewww! But hey, I don’t touch the door knobs anyway!

Laughing so loudly so that I can hear you almost a football field length away? Again no problem, because you know we all want you hear what you have to say.

BUT, bringing in your stinky fish lunch and micro-waving it so that when I come back in from the outside and nearly GAG is just not right.

How selfish and inconsiderate can you be??????????????????!!!!!

Carry on,

Love, ME

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4 Responses to Dear Co-Worker….

  1. jaelach says:

    Uh, I think I’d have to kill that person. My job banned the wonderful smell of microwave popcorn but they allow tuna Lean Cuisines for some reason. ?

  2. Doug says:

    I try really hard not to look in the office microwave… The smell is only the beginning.

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