My Birthday Today

Today was my actual Birthday!

Low key all the way and it was perfect!

kids table

kids table

My Mom had PT at the hospital at about 11:30.  I went with her and waited at the kids table.  A small child came in and started coloring before I could!  LOL!

We went to lunch at a local place called Bella’s that I love and they have yummy Chicken, broccoli, ziti alfredo!!  It was sooooooooo good!  My Mom had Chicken Parmesan and it was yummy too!

The place was so busy!  Lunch time two days before Christmas!  But, the service and food were still both excellent!

This is me back when I was about seven or eight with my Kathy Quick Curl Doll on my Birthday!

kathy quick curl

kathy quick curl


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One Response to My Birthday Today

  1. Jane says:

    Happy Birthday!!

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