U2 Craziness Could Be About To Start!!


According to the internet and AtU2 it looks like the U2 craziness is going to start up SOON!!!!!

Tour announcement could come as soon as today (Wednesday 12/3) with ticket sales starting on Thursday!

While I am happy and excited for this news I’m also a little hesitant.

Bono just suffered some major injuries.

Injuries that kept him from performing in Times Square on Monday night.

Injuries that he really needs to recover from before he takes on a massive world tour.

(I hope he plans on staying OFF the bike for a long time!)

I’m sure the arenas have already been booked and the dates have been set.

It will be interesting to see the cities and dates announced.

I will wait a bit longer before buying tickets or making any travel plans.

I’ve been burned twice.

Once in 2006 when they delayed Hawaii.  I know it was for very good reasons.  The health of a child always comes first.  I did get to see the show in Bonolulu in December of 2006 eventually!

Then in 2010 the tour was delayed because of Bono’s back injury and the shows were made up in 2011.  (San Francisco and Toronto)

So unless trip insurance covers the health of Bono too, I’ll be playing it safe this time around!

Let the craziness begin!

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