And More Layoffs


A few people had been let go in other locations over the past month.

But, I didn’t hear any rumors in my building.  Maybe because there isn’t anyone to share rumors with or maybe because I’ve been straight out busy or have my earbuds in?!

So yesterday when my new VP came and tapped me on my shoulder I nearly threw up.  (over sharing, but true)  He is pretty new and it’s rare that he would come over to me at all.

But, he got the whole team together to let us know about layoffs.  I believe it was two people.  One person who got let go is in an office ten feet away from me and I didn’t even realize it happened.

VP started by saying ‘I’m sure you all already know, but…’

My bionic hearing must’ve failed me, because I really no idea anything bad had happened.

The timing.  A week before Thanksgiving.

The why?  Re-org.

The aftermath.  Lots of changes.

It just seems to be a cycle that repeats itself every few years.

Have lost count of how many different rounds of layoffs there have been and of how many people have been lost.


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