Week Off Goes By Too Fast

This week off went by too fast!

It was good to be here with Mom while she is getting stronger.

It’s amazing that tomorrow it will be two weeks since her hip replacement.

She had been taking only tylenol, but now she’s not taking anything at all.  She says no pain and at first I worried because she has a high tolerance.  But, she’s doing awesome!

Today it was so mild she took her walker for a stroll.  : )

She’s been doing her exercises and doing laps inside too!

One of the things she needs help with are stairs.  She does those so much better than she did before surgery!  Someone goes up in front and in back of her.

The other thing she needs help with is showering.  She does so good!!!  But, it’s when I worry the most about slipping.  We got a chair to help with getting in and out.  She can almost get in and out without it, but slow and steady wins.

She is so happy after her hair is washed!  It’s the little things!  : )

Going to worry when I got back to work.  She’s not supposed to drive.  I hope she listens!!!!  Also hope she takes it easy and doesn’t go outside without someone with her!

Most of all I hope she relaxes when she can, does her exercises and takes good care of herself!

She can’t wait until 12/4 and hopes they give her the ok to drive!

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