U2 Rolling Stone October 2014



Say what?

Yup.  I expect the U2 machine to go on tour in 2015.

Yup.  Have heard residency rumours.

Have heard rumours of two different types of shows.

Now, I’m hearing THIS from Rolling Stone

“There is talk of doing two different kinds of shows,” says Clayton. “One night would be a kind of loud, explosive rock & roll kind of event and then the other night’s show take the acoustic arrangements of some of the songs, and kind of present those songs in a much more intimate way. But we don’t really know how that’s going to sound and look.” One thing the band hasn’t figured out: how to make sure audiences understand in advance which show they’re getting.


I thought if they did an indoor arena that held up to 15,000 people it would be the rock & roll show!  THEN if they did a smaller venue it would be the acoustic night!

Die hard fans would want to see both shows of course and multiple ones as well !!

But the casual U2 fan (if there is such a thing) would want to see the rock & roll show!

If it were me I’d want to see an acoustic version once, at home.  But, if I’m going to travel to different cities to see them I’d want to see the rock & roll shows!

Dear U2, if you need my help with this just let me know!

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