Mom’s New Hip

Mom Pom Pom

Mom Pom Pom

This is how happy My Mom usually looks.  Ok, this photo is Christmas and she’s a little EXTRA happy.  But, generally my Mom is always happy.

It takes a lot to upset her and her moods are pretty even!

Except, when she is in pain and then all bets are off.

The pain has to be horrific, because she’s got a high tolerance for pain.  😦

Monday morning Mom checked in to pre-op around 8am.

The nurses got right to work on her, taking a blood sample, getting her ivs set up and making sure she was comfortable.

During the time we waited before surgery, so many people came in to talk to my Mom.

Her nurses commented on how cool and relaxed she was while we waited.  (I wish I could be more like her!!!)

It must be because she was last born OR her horoscope!  : )

Mom’s surgery went well.  The surgeon came out about 90 minutes later to tell me my Mom did very well and I could see her in recovery in a little bit.

An hour later they let me spend about five minutes in recovery with her.  What was she worried about??  Her hair !   : )

The next time I saw her she was up and walking.  New hip and all FIVE hours after surgery!


She’s in a private room (yay!!) and her nurses are pretty amazing too!!

When I went back after supper I brought her a Dunkin Donuts pumpkin muffin.  That made her happy!

What made her even happier?!

Everyone commenting on her name ELSA and referencing the movie Frozen!!

So grateful for the surgeon, and nurses that are taking care of my Mom!

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