Hip Hip Horray!

Mom’s are tough aren’t they?!

My Mom is one of the toughest.

If she’s in pain it has to be very bad.

Her hip has been bothering her most of this year.

She tried physical therapy hoping that would help.

It helped her spirits, and it helped her get stronger.

But, it didn’t help her pain.

So, she met with a surgeon that does surgery at our local hospital.

Mom is getting a new hip this morning and she is excited and looking forward to having less pain!

Her surgeon called yesterday after the Patriots game to let her know that he was planning on getting a good nights rest and she should too!

That call made her feel SO MUCH BETTER!!!

Good wishes and prayers for my Mom this morning!!

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2 Responses to Hip Hip Horray!

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    What a wonderful thing for the doctor to do!

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