Songs of Innocence

songs of innocence

songs of innocence

U2 released a new album today at the Apple event!  That’s right….FOR FREE!!  It’s the largest album release of all time.  AMAZING!!!

I love Apple events, but listening to them talk about the Apple phone was killing me waiting for U2!!  : )

They performed The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) live for the crowd!

The Irish boys looked and sounded great!

I’ll be listening for the next few days and tuning out.

Happy U2 fan here tonight!

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2 Responses to Songs of Innocence

  1. jaelach says:

    I tried to watch it live, but all of my browser’s on my work computer were out of date and it wouldn’t play – haha. I’ve been trying to figure out which ones they would most likely do live. I can see them doing The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) as a show opener and maybe closing with Song for Someone. And I can see them wanting to perform Raised by Wolves live too.

    • crush-monkey says:

      I watched/listened on my iphone5 (which is now obsolete…thanks Computers at my work are old and dated too, plus crazy busy times. Tried to time it so when U2 came on I could take a break, it was too late for lunch time. Stress!! YES!!! i agree with Song for someone being a closer. LOVE it so far!! : )

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