New York Fashion Week.

What?????  I know, I’m not a fashionista in any shape or form.

But, I do love watching the photos from the shows on instagram and blogs!

Oh!!!  The bags!  The bags that get taken to fashion week and then the bags I find out about!

Kate Spade gets me every time.  One of everything please!

The scallop edges on this bag!!  Oooooooooh!!!!

kate spade scallop bag

kate spade scallop bag

Also, who knew that Tiffany now sells leather bags.  So pretty!!!

tiffany leather bags

tiffany leather bags

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4 Responses to NYFW Bags

  1. TheCatssMeoww says:

    I am in love with everything Kate Spade

  2. crush-monkey says:

    Still waiting not so patiently to see that scallop tote show up on the Kate Spade website!!!

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