U2 Funnies!

No matter what happens with the U2 rumors, it’s been fun reading about them!

Mac Rumors posted a story yesterday.

From Mac Rumors:

Several rumors circulating today have suggested that Apple might be planning to somehow involve U2 in the upcoming launch of the iPhone 6. A tipster told MacRumors that the iPhone 6 will come preloaded with the new U2 album, and there’s also been some unverified chatter on Twitter from reporters in Ireland pointing towards that possibility.

Most of the rumors seem to come from a recent video shoot U2 did in Dublin, which was conducted in secrecy with “black sheets strategically placed to obscure what was happening from public view.” Music promoter Stephen Browne managed to snap a blurry photo of the shoot, and he says the “focus of the ‘video’ on the bridge last week was a phone.” It is impossible to tell what device is depicted in the photo, however, or if the shoot revolved around the iPhone.

Now…….what was really funny were the comments on this story.

As it turns out, not everyone is a U2 fan and wouldn’t be as happy as I would be with a song, or an album or even a whole library of U2 music pre-loaded onto a new iPhone6!

Poor Bono

funny u2

funny u2


We’ll all know in a few days!

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