Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries

mvy mysteries

mvy mysteries

There are certain authors that I have to have their books in hardcover!

Philip R. Craig was one of them!  He wrote a Martha’s Vineyard mystery series and I looked forward to them each summer.

He passed away in 2007 and has left a hole in my summer reading ever since.

His family did publish his unfinished books after his death.  I am grateful they shared those last books with his fans.

In my mind JW and Zee are relaxing and enjoying MVY with their family.

: )

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2 Responses to Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries

  1. Philip Craig was a true gentleman, although he would have laughed out loud at being described as such. A big, tall, rugged guy who often wore an Australian bush hat and a scruffy looking vest. He and his wife, Shirley, became good friends of mine after I started to write a series of mysteries set on Martha’s Vineyard. One of my first experiences with Phil’s big heartedness was when he and I were at the Martha’s Vineyard Artisans’ Fair promoting our books — he had at least 13, I had one. A line formed in front of him. No one had ever heard of me. “I love your books, Mr. Craig,” was the comment I heard over and over. Phil would reply, nodding at me, “If you like my books, you’ll love hers. Try it.” In one of his books Phil’s JW visits my Victoria Trumbull. In one of my books, Phil appears as an avid fisherman who finds half a body washed up at Wasque. I’m now working on my 13th Martha’s Vineyard Mystery. Phil’s spirit is never far from me as I write. Cynthia Riggs

    • crush-monkey says:

      Thank you so much for commenting on my little blog Cynthia! You have made my Labor Day weekend! Thank you also for sharing your early experience with Mr.Craig, but I can’t imagine anyone not knowing who you are. I think I’ve read all of your books too!

      Very happy to hear that you are writing another book and look forward to adding it to my collection! (in hard cover of course!) : ) Kathy

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